Tuesday, July 01, 2003

personal jurisdictions

so we finished a Major Concept in Civil Procedure: Personal Jurisdiction and Long-Arm Statutes. What does this mean? Am I supposed to outline this immediately? I'm not quite sure what makes a good outline, to tell you the truth. It frightens me--it's only been about one month since class started, but that one month is also a fairly significant chunk of this semester. in two months and change, I'm supposed to take exams. I still enjoy property; civil procedure fascinates me, as does con law. So the novelty is still there--your mileage may vary.

So the law school is alot like high school--well, if you forget that this "high school" is atrociously hard to get into, and that law school charges tuition. This law school is about the size of my old high school, there are strong delinations between class year, there's only one small area that we all share, and us 1Ls have all our classes together (well, close enough).

And yes, we have "class elections" organized by class year--at carolina, what passed for our Student Gov't elected representatives based on geographic area. But here, each section of the 1L class elects two reps to the Student Bar Association--and it's just like high school. It's a popularity contest, plain and simple. Any attempt to think otherwise is misguided. For the last week, each seat at our class has been covered with a bunch of election fliers, parading the qualifications of each candidate. Some of the pragmatists just gave us candy or rice krispey treats.

To become a Knowledgable Voter, I read a bunch of these fliers. One read like this: "Given my involvement in such campus organizations as X, Y, and Z, I will do my best to make student government a better place...". Ok, main problem: all of those organizations had their interest meetings a week ago. I'm not sure I want a resume-polisher representing me.

Against these concerted publicity effort, there's a friend of mine who's running with one (1) flier: "Because you hate me, and it's not a popularity contest. Vote Joe." Good luck, Joe.

Don't get me wrong--I've sat in on a SBA meeting, and they do excellent work in unifying the student voice in response to campus issues. But in regards to the elections--what next, spirit halls and pep rallies?