Saturday, November 01, 2003

economic justice foundation

Spent thursday night getting *hammered* during Georgetown's EJF auctions.

The EJF auction is a fundraiser for the Economic Justice Foundation. The Economic Justice Foundation sponsors fellowships for 1Ls who work at summer public interest jobs that don't pay; these fellowships give you enough to put food on the table while you Make The World A Better Place.

EJF Auction
The annual Equal Justice Foundation auction raises over $70,000 dollars to provide funds for students in unpaid public-interest summer positions. Auctioned items include trips, dinners with GULC faculty, and more. This event takes place in October in the McDonough Moot Courtroom.

Unfortunately, this year the auction only raised $40,000. I did my part, going to the mat for a pair of Wizards/Celtics tickets and a basketball signed by Michael Jordan--but I got into a bidding war and I had to stop at $600. Dinners with former Clinton Chief of Staff Podesta (also an auctioneer) went for $2000, and a party at my property professor went for $2100.

The EJF Auction is also well-known by Georgetown students and professors as being one Hell Of A Good Time. Our professors are the auctioneers, and they auction off some serious prizes: four days in the Grand Caymans, Superbowl tickets ($3600/pair), hotel rooms in Vegas. My property professor blew us all away, showing up in a pin-stripe double-breasted suit while faking an orgasm on stage. My civ pro professor was the crowd favorite, with the entire moot court chanting her name while she danced.

It should be fairly obvious that the beer was, in the words of PCU, "cheap, cold and domestic." And plentiful and readily available. The entire court was pretty much obliterated by 8PM.

I labeled the auction one of the coolest things that I've ever seen, except my Civ Pro professor outdid herself later that night: Aas the auction ends, she recommends that we all get loaded at the local College-Style Bar, where she nearly got 86'ed ("thrown out") by the bouncer for dancing on a chair, and I did shots of jaeger with her.

Now, if it was sipping Johnny Walker Black on the rocks, it would be just like undergraduate reseach project