Thursday, May 01, 2003

Interactive Citation Workshop

So yesterday morning was the beginning of the end: the Legal Research and Writing In-Class exam. The exam is a short, twenty question multiple choice ditty, open book for your convenience. The one hour we have to take it was overkill.

However, all last week I watched people in the library cramming for this brief evalutation. I can't image what is going to happen during the real exam.

I found that the LR&W exam was not difficult. The majority of the studying that I did consisted of finishing the Interactive Citation Workshop on lexis.. The ICW is a series of snappy quizzes that are tuned for the Bluebook; each quiz targets a certain set of rules and concepts. For example, quiz one covers case naming; quiz two, complete citations. You get a series of scenarios and have to fill in the appropriate cite. In retrospect, even that was overkill, since the ICW is very finicky about the answers that it takes. But I submit it to you for your own evaluation--even I learned when you put a space after "F." and earned a handsome blue belt in my quest to become a "Bluebook Cite Ninja."

Now, onto the take-home research project--but due to the restrictions on discussin it, if I told you anymore, I'd have to kill you.